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At Perdue Farms, we believe in being a responsible employer, investing in our associates’ growth, safety and well-being. We are committed to offering our associates a safe, supportive and healthy environment where people want to work. As part of that, the Perdue HealthWorks® team is dedicated to helping associates and dependents become as healthy as possible and, in keeping with this, to offer the best medical care possible for our associates and their dependents through your Perdue Wellness Centers and the Perdue Healthworks® network of doctors, hospitals, and therapists.

After an illness or injury, we work to restore people to health as quickly as possible whether the problem is work-related or not, and take an active position in case management to that end.

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To improve human health and bring about happy, healthy and productive associates.

To be the most trusted, successful and efficient science-based medical team, maximizing the health of our customers.